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Romandos Cherokee Flame

Cheri is a minimally marked silver bay and white overo.
Foaled May 17th 2000.
Cheri is triple registered AMHA/AMHR/World Class.
She was bred by the stallion Trotting C Santana Gold (AMHA/AMHR).
2011 will be Cheri's first foal! Who will also be able to be registered with AMHA/AMHR and World Class.
Cheri has a wonderful quarter horse build in a little tiny body. Cheri is also wonderful with kids of all ages! My hopes are that Cheri will pass on her wonderful build, and temperament to her foals. She also has driving bloodlines which I hope to put to use after she weans her foal. Someone looking for a knock out driving horse, check out her coming foals! 


Cheri had a filly on April 12th 2011!!!!  Please check out my Foals/For Sale Page!




                                                            Great gransire: Yang Light Van't Huttenest (28.25")
                                Grandsire: Mini Bits Scooter (29.25")
                                                              Great grandam: D Bar D's Isis (33")
Sire: Romandos Dusty Scooter (31")
                                                              Great grandsire: A.A. General Lee (30.50)
                                  Grandam: Hazy Acres A.A. Joddy II (33.25")
                                                              Great grandam:


                                                               Great grandsire: Timber Ridges Ikey (30.75")
                                  Grandsire: Timber Ridge's Cisco Kid (33")
                                                               Great grandam: Pinto Lady (34")
Dam: Sheltesians Cheyanne Of CJ (30.50")       
                                                                Great grandsire: Bond Fairfield (31.25")
                                 Grandam: White Pines Silhouette (32")
                                                                Great grandam: Kno Bel Spring Joy (33.50")