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Honey ~ Wooldland's Honey Due

Honey is a sivler dapple or chocolate palomino mare standing at about 33".
Foaled in 2006.
Due to paper issues she is only registered with World class, as will be her foals. Although both parents are registered AMHA, her dam was never DNA tested.
Honey is bred for August of 2011.
She was bred to the stallion Trotting C Satana Gold (registered AMHA/AMHR).
This will be Honey's 3rd foal and I expect her to pass on her patient, loving and curious nature to her foal. Along with a very cute head and beautiful gaits,
perfect for someone who is looking to get into local shows with a stunning horse but without the stunning price!



Sire: Grosshill EK Creations Superstar
Dam: Half Pint Pink Suprise