Woodland Minis - A Minature Horse Farm

Libby ~ Double E Misty's Liberty

Libby is a very nicely marked and rare blue roan standing at about 33".
Foaled July 4th of 2003.
Libby is bred for March of 2011.
She was bred to the stallion Trotting C Satana Gold (registered AMHA/AMHR).
Libby's foal will be registered with both the AMHR and World Class.
I can't wait to see what she produces for color! All of her foals have been wonderfully colored. I retained her filly (Bree) from last year who is just an amazing and SMART little girl! If you want to have a mini who stands out in color, keep your eyes open for Libby's foals



                                 Grandsire: Kegleys Little Man (32")

Sire: Happy Horse Meko (black 34")
                                  Grandam: Faradibah Van Double Dutch

                                                                   Great grandsire: Twin Acres' Peter Dunn (32")
                                   Grandsire: Moss Grove Cupid (black 31.50")
                                                                   Great grandam: Ohio's Black Gold (34")
Dam: Moss Grove Fancy Girl (blue roan 35.50")          
                                                                   Great grandsire: Twin Acres' Petter Dunn (32")
                                    Grandam: Moss Grove Bluebell (light blue roan 37.25")
                                                                   Great grandam: Moss Grove Fancy (33.75")